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Meet Jackie

Hi there! I’m Jackie! I’m a Chicago native, language lover, wife, mama to two boys, and I’ve been a language teacher for over 20 years. I’m now back in the U.S. after a decade in Brazil teaching English in person and virtually through my online course, YouTube channel “Ask Jackie” and social media accounts.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Secondary Education from the University of Iowa and a master’s degree in School Counseling from Roosevelt University in Chicago.
Aside from being passionate about learning and teaching languages, I’m obsessed with all things related to personal development, hence the title “Improve your English. Improve your Life.”

In this podcast, Foster and I mix these two aspects together by talking about all things related to personal development in easy to understand ENGLISH. Each episode has a worksheet with the transcript of our conversation and highlights (expressions that are important to know, pronunciation tips, cultural notes, follow-up questions and more).

We really hope that you will “Improve your English and Improve your Life” by listening to these conversations and studying the materials that come with each episode.
Thank you so much for being here! Let’s get started!

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